Monthly Fashion Spread for New Orleans Living Magazine | August 2011


The month of August is fashion purgatory for those of us that live in warmer climates. Last month, when we were getting the August 2011 fashion spread together for the magazine I work for, I had a conversation with the lead graphic designer regarding the month’s “theme”. It went a little something like this:


Him:  Hey, you got a theme for the fashion pages so I can pick a background photo out?

Me:  It’s all about transitional pieces. You know, transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall.

Him:  What kind of picture can I find for that????

Me:  Hmm… Here’s some inspiration:

Picture a fashionable woman living in New Orleans, thumbing through the August issues of Vogue and Bazaar, sweating her ass off even though she is sitting inside her air conditioned house. Over her shoulder, you see her closet open and stacks of sweaters and boxes of boots are splayed out. Silently, she cries. Salty, steamy tears.

Does that work?

Him: I got a picture of watercolor paint.

Me: Well, then I guess that works!


See?! It is so very difficult to find inspiration in this heat. Check out my latest fashion spread for New Orleans Living magazine, August 2011 | Smooth Transitions, for my picks from local boutiques.


Amelie G Magazine Mid-Summer Release Party

It goes without saying that I love an excuse to get dolled up and socialize with friends. Last night, I attended the mid-summer release party for Amelie G magazine, a local fashion publication that’s recently gone national. The event was hosted at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and featured nibbles, music and a brass band to hype the crowd. Just a sweep of the eyes over the party-goers would tell you it was all about who was wearing what. Below, a few of my favorite attendees (and a couple of vanity shots).

A little ’70s glamour with a touch of Vampira.

Christy Lorio ( / Southern Fashion Bloggers), me & Liz "Money" Tuazon

Joseph Miner, filmmaker/visual artist, and friend, Alicia David

Nicholas Landry and Andi Eaton, NOLA Fashion Week founders

And, of course, the makeup run-down:

  • FaceChanel Vitalumière Moisture Rich Radiance Fluid Makeup SPF 15 in Clair. This liquid foundation provides me with the dewy complexion I crave. I have troublesome skin that is flakey in some areas and, without TLC, it is just plain dull. I don’t mind the bit of extra shine on my nose (where I am oiliest), because I would rather have excessive “glow” than to have a dry, ashy complexion. Additionally, I use Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base before I apply my foundation. Ladies, if you don’t use a primer because you think it isn’t worth the money, you couldn’t be more misguided. Le Blanc de Chanel fills in my “lines” (yes, I know I’m not wrinkly, but still…), minimizes pore size and gives my foundation a smoother canvas to work on. Find a primer that works for you and USE. IT. It’s a game changer.
  • Lip colorCoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Spellbound. I haven’t purchased CoverGirl products since high school, but after reading the rave reviews, I ventured out to my nearest CVS and bought two. It’s moisturizing and long-wearing. And by long-wearing, I mean that I can wear it to bed and wake up with it still in place. Er, not that I’ve done that or anything.
  • Eye linerMilani Liquif’eye Eye Liner Pencil in 01 Black. I’ve been a fan of Milani for a few years. It’s one of those under-the-radar drugstore brands, but most of the products I’ve tried have really delivered. This pencil goes on creamy and dries to a bright blacker-than-black fortress. In normal conditions, it’s pretty transfer-proof, but in the most humid New Orleans nights, it doesn’t quite hold up. I love it anyway, especially for the price.

For more photos and my random beauty outbursts, visit the UNMADE Facebook page,


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Cosmetics Salesperson Loyalty

Some of you might remember your mother, grandmother or aunt having an “Avon lady”. You know, the one friend or friend-of-a-friend that they would buy Avon from, and wouldn’t buy it from anyone else.  It isn’t uncommon for someone to be loyal to their stylist or barber. After all, to trust someone not to royally screw up their coif is a pretty big deal. Whether you are a beauty product pro or only buy the occasional lip gloss, developing a relationship with the salespeople at your favorite cosmetics boutiques and counters will help you get more from your visits and purchases, just as developing a relationship with your stylist can. Not only will they learn what your likes and dislikes are, ultimately maximizing your time at the counter or store, but they’ll remember you when their brand is running a special promotion or you are wanting to try a newly released product. After all, the best customers always get the best samples.

Images Copyright Avon

I have a “Dior lady” (Thanks, Michelle at Macy’s Lakeside!), but I am currently in search of a “Lancôme lady” in the New Orleans area, considering that I only buy and use Lancôme mascara. Do you have a cosmetic salesperson that you pledge allegiance to?


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Southern Fashion Bloggers June Group Post | Summer Sandals

It’s time again for another Southern Fashion Bloggers group post! This month’s theme is Summer Sandals. As the only strictly-beauty blogger that participates in these, I work my favorites into these group posts to keep on-theme. Here, I am showcasing a hot pink polish on the toes while showing off a recent buy from Armoire Boutique on Magazine Street here in New Orleans.

I love the fun, cut-out detail and lacing. Definitely one of my favorite buys this summer. On another note, it is really, really difficult to take pictures of your own feet, especially with a cell phone, which is what I used to snap this pic.

View my previous SFB Group Post entry here. For more Summer Sandal fun from other SFB’ers, check out:

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Essie | Mezmerised

Frosts? Forget them. Sparkles? I use them sparingly. While I don’t want to sport neon green polish when attending meetings or VIP parties with the more conservative crowd my work centers around, I do still require a fresh, bold color. Essie Mezmerised is the blue that you need for a fun, yet sophisticated mani, and it’s perfect for summer.


The blue is bright, but not loud. It’s trendy, but doesn’t scream “intern”. The latter is very important to me, as I am frequently mistaken for being ten years my junior by co-workers, business associates and, shockingly, even my boss.


Now, I do have one gripe, but maybe it’s just me. I have the darnedest time applying Essie polishes. I don’t know if it is because the brands I have stocked up on in the recent past have had giant brushes, but Essie’s brushes are very slender. I also think that my base coat of choice is not ideal to prep the nail before applying Essie shades. Some base coats just work better (or worse) with some polishes. A little experimenting is definitely in order. So, while my application isn’t as perfect as I would like, Essie’s nail polishes, particularly Mezmerised, are worth the trial and error.

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Snakeskin Manicure


No, I’m not talking about a cheeky nail design one paints on their nails with polish or a press-on nail sticker. I am talking real snakeskin that was ethically sourced through the snake’s natural shedding process, sterilized and then applied to the nails with gel polish. It’s a little creepy…and I kind of want it. $150 – $300 is quite a bit to shell out for a manicure or pedicure, but I just happen to have a friend with a “little” snake family. Personal dealer?


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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New CND Shellac Colors Coming to a Salon Near You | September 2011

I don’t want to spam this blog with press releases and PR/Marketing issued photos, but this is pretty exciting news.

CND (formerly Creative Nail Design) is releasing yet another collection of Shellac colors this fall. We waited what seemed FOR.EVER for the last collection that came out only a few months ago, due to them having to push back the release date because the first collection was in such demand and slowed down production. This September, expect yet another collection of six shades to grace manicure stations. You’re dying to see the new Shellac shades, right? Right.


I am (of course) most excited about Asphalt, as it is the perfect grey creme. It has no brown undertones like many greys have, so its ideal for all skin tones. I don’t know what Purple Purple will look like, as I don’t think it was a part of their regular line, but the sample above definitely has me anxious for September.

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This Weekend | Fall/Winter 2011 NOLA Fashion Week produced by #LAisthenewLA


This weekend is the weekend for fashion lovers in New Orleans. After a week’s worth of events, NOLA Fashion Week, produced by #LAisthenewLA, is hitting it hard with runway shows, a Fashion Bazaar and parties. While the runway shows are by invitation only, they will be viewable at the Fashion Bazaar one hour after each presentation. Don’t miss out on some amazing shopping, because you know you need something bangin’ to wear to all the after-parties.


FRIDAY, March 25

Day: 4 Runway Shows | 2 Accessory Presentations
Ogden Museum
, 925 Camp St.

Day: Viewing Party & Fashion Bazaar Join us at the Ogden to view the full runway shows on the big screen one-hour after they wrap up and shop our Fashion Bazaar filled with pop-up boutiques selling clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts and more.

Ogden Museum, 925 Camp St.

Evening: Amelie G Magazine presents
Tri-Coastal Fashion
Enjoy cocktails and small plates in the South Market District’s newest hot spot hosted by Madeline Von Froomer & Chrissie Miller of the East Coast, Leah Bauer of the West Coast, and Elsa Brodmann of the Gulf Coast.

Ste. Marie, 930 Poydras St.
8pm-1am / Benefiting Coastal Restoration through JT AWEAR

- – - – - – - -


SATURDAY, March 26

Day: 6 Runway Shows
Ogden Museum
, 925 Camp St.

Day: Viewing Party & Fashion Bazaar Join us at the Ogden to view the full runway shows on the big screen one-hour after they wrap up and shop our Fashion Bazaar filled with pop-up boutiques selling clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts and more.

Ogden Museum, 925 Camp St.

Eiffel Society, 2040 St. Charles Ave.
9pm-1am / Benefiting NOLAFW Fall 2011

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Mardi Gras Manicure

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OPI Shatter + OPI Teenage Dream

It would be an understatement to say that I am not a fan of Katy Perry. However, I am a fan of nail polish, so regardless of who the polish is associated with, I’m happy to show off this combo by OPI.

OPI teamed up with pop star Katy Perry for a line of polishes named after some of her, I guess, hits. I was mostly underwhelmed by the colors, but the unabashed girliness of Teenage Dream, shown above, caught my eye. I wouldn’t ordinarily wear such a glittery lacquer, but with the release of OPI’s Shatter polish, I was ready for a throwback of totally tubular proportions.

If you were a girl in the ’80s, then you knew what crackle nail polish was. OPI has reinvented the crackle and now calls it Shatter. Shatter is applied over completely dry polish. You can watch it separate as it dries, creating the shattered effect. While Shatter has been promoted with the Katy Perry line and the Serena Williams polish (Fun fact: Serena Williams is a licensed nail tech), you can use this over any polish. OPI recommends that you apply with a gentle touch and use sparingly. Shatter is only available in black and it dries a bit on the dull side, so I finish it off with a top coat.

Here’s a smaller photo I took a few days after the above photos that doesn’t make it seem so, well, crackly. The macro setting on my camera makes it appear thicker than it is.

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